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Here you will find my research papers, teaching material,
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  • M. J. Carro, C. Domingo-Salazar. Weighted weak-type (1,1) estimates for radial Fourier multipliers via extrapolation theory.
    To appear in J. Anal. Math. PDF FILE
  • M. J. Carro, C. Domingo-Salazar. Endpoint estimates for Rubio de Francia operators.
    Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 371 (2019), 1621-1648. PDF FILE
  • M. J. Carro, C. Domingo-Salazar. The Return Times Property for the tail on logarithm-type spaces.
    Discrete Contin. Dyn. Syst. 38 (2018), 2065-2078. PDF FILE
  • M. J. Carro, C. Domingo-Salazar. Stein's square function Gα and sparse operators.
    J. Geom. Anal. 27 (2017), 1624-1635. PDF FILE
  • C. Domingo-Salazar, M. Lacey, G. Rey. Borderline weak type estimates for singular integrals and square functions.
    Bull. London Math. Soc. 48 (2016), 63-73. PDF FILE
  • M. J. Carro, C. Domingo-Salazar. Pointwise bounds for integral type operators.
    Math. Nachr. 289 (2016), 1386--1395. PDF FILE


  • C. Domingo-Salazar. Endpoint Estimates via Extrapolation Theory.
    Ph.D. thesis. Advisor: M. J. Carro. PDF FILE
  • C. Domingo-Salazar et al. Searching for a Predictive Model for Burglaries in Catalonia .
    Conference Publication - European Study Group with Industry 2016 LINK
  • C. Domingo-Salazar. The Hilbert Transform along the Parabola.
    M.Sc. thesis. Advisor: M. J. Carro. PDF FILE
  • C. Domingo-Salazar. El Problema del Subespacio Invariante.
    B.Sc. thesis. Advisors: J. Soria and P. Tradacete. PDF FILE (In Spanish)

Selected Talks

    This is a selection of talks and seminars I have given on different subjects. Some of them have the PDF of the presentation available:

    • Touchdown for Extrapolation Theory, Analysis Seminar at Brown University, Providence, USA (April 2016).
    • Borderline Variants of the Muckenhoupt-Wheeden Inequality, III Young Researchers Conference, Murcia, Spain (September 2015). Talk
    • Endpoint estimates, Extrapolation Theory and the Bochner-Riesz operator, XVI EARCO Conference, Carmona, Spain (May 2015). Talk
    • Reaching L1 via Extrapolation Theory and an application to Fourier multipliers, Analysis Seminar at Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA (April 2015).
    • From Calderón-Zygmund to Sparse Operators, Short Course for the Real and Functional Analysis Research Group, Barcelona, Spain (January 2015).
    • Rubio de Francia Extrapolation and its new variants , Working Seminar at the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom (December 2014).
    • Reaching weak-type (1,1) estimates via Extrapolation Theory, Santaló EMS Summer School on Dyadic Harmonic Analysis, Santander, Spain (September 2014). Short Talk
    • Extrapolation of operators and almost everywhere convergence of the Fourier series, SIMBa Seminar, Barcelona, Spain (November 2013). Talk (In Catalan)
    • The Hilbert Transform along the Parabola, M.Sc. Final project and SIMBa Seminar, Barcelona, Spain (July and November 2012). Talk
    • Fixed Point Theorems, Nash Equilibrium and Non-Cooperative Games, Workshop of the Functional Analysis and Applications Network, La Manga del Mar Menor, Spain (May 2012).
    • Invariant subspaces for the shift operator, Functional, Harmonic and Complex Analysis Seminar, Barcelona, Spain (March 2012). Talk
    • The Invariant Subspace Problem, Real and Functional Analysis Research Group meeting, Barcelona, Spain (November 2011).


Fall Semester 2016

Anàlisi Real i Funcional - Real and Functional Analysis

B.Sc. in Mathematics - in Catalan


Càlcul Diferencial en Diverses Variables - Differential Calculus in Several Variables

B.Sc. in Mathematics - in Catalan


Fall Semester 2015

Introducció al Càlcul Diferencial - Introduction to Differential Calculus

B.Sc. in Mathematics - in Catalan

Càlcul Diferencial en Diverses Variables - Differential Calculus in Several Variables

B.Sc. in Mathematics - in Catalan


Functional Analysis and Partial Differential Equations

M.Sc. in Advanced Mathematics - in English - 6h of a 60h course

About Me

In the past few years, I've been working as a Data Scientist, first at Ubisoft Mobile and currently, at the Customer Operations department at King. However, this website is devoted to a more academic side of my career as a mathematician...

My journey in Math goes back to 2007, when I decided to start this degree at the University of Barcelona. Four years later, I felt as if I hadn't had enough, so I went on with a Masters in Advanced and Professional Mathematics. At this point is where I decided to focus on Mathematical Analysis, so I spent one year studying the ins and outs of the Hilbert Transform along the Parabola. After that, I took the challenge to tackle a Ph.D. under the direction of M. J. Carro, which resulted in a thesis entitled "Endpoint Estimates via Extrapolation Theory".

My research is on Real and Harmonic Analysis, in a broad sense. Lately, I have been working on Extrapolation Theory (of both Yano and Rubio de Francia type), Weighted Estimates and radial Fourier multipliers such as the Bochner-Riesz operator. However, I am also interested in all kinds of math, their interactions and especially, their applications.

While I was affiliated with the University of Barcelona, I was part of the research group on Real and Functional Analysis and the BGSMath, an association of the research groups in mathematics from the three main universities in the Barcelona area (UAB, UB and UPC). I was also the organizer of the Applied Mathematics and Analysis section of the seminar SIMBa, as well as part of the organizing committee of the biannual meeting of the BGSMath Junior researchers.

For more detailed information about me, you can find my Academic CV here.

Last but not least, I love climbing, traveling and scuba diving! You can check out my Youtube channel, where I recently started uploading videos of these activities!