Xavier Jarque i Ribera


Associate Professor

Universitat de Barcelona

(Past-president of the Societat Catalana de Matemàtiques: 2014-18)

Picture: Universitat de Barcelona, Catalonia, September 2015

(Letter of support to UB professors under trail for political reasons)

I give all my support to the legitimate Catalan Parliament and Catalan Goverment in front of the Coup d'État of the Spanish Goverment with the support of the oposition of the Spanish Parliament.

Freedom for Jordi Sánchez (president of the National Assembly of Catalonia and now candiate to the presidence of Catalonia) and Jordi Cuixart (President of Omnium Cultural). They are responsable to organize pacific demonstrations with hundred thousands (millions) of people (including myself)  picture1, picture2, picture3, picture4, picture 5. But of course they are not responsable of sedition.

Freedom for Oriol Junqueras (vice-president), Joaquim Forn (minister of internal affers), Josep Rull (minister of infraestructes), Jordi Turull (minister of presidence), Dolors Bassa (minister of labor and social affers), Raül Romeva (minister of external affers) and Carme Forcadell (President of the Catalan Parliament). They are all political prisoners and the spanish justice is using them as hostages.

I also give all my support to the members of the goverment and parliament now exiliated. Precisely to Clara Ponsatí (minister of education and coauthor of mine "Mediation: incomplete information bargaining with filtered communication" published in Journal of Mathematical Economics, 2003), Lluís Puig (minister of culture), Meritxell Serret (minister of agriculture), Antoni Comín (minister of health), Anna Gabriel (member of the parliament of Catalonia and leader of CUP; a popular political movement)  and Marta Rovira (member of the parliament of Catalonia and leader of ERC). 

I also extend my support to Josep Valtònyc (singer exiliated because the message of his songs was against the king of Spain; the one who gave total support to the use of violence the day of the referemdum), Joan Pessarrodona (for showing a clown nose to protest in fron of the policemen; believe or not; see the picture), and many other people (Tamara Carrasco or Adrià Carrasco)  accused of terrorism for organizing and participating pacific demonstrations or political activistm agains the tyrani of the spanish goverment.

Finally, all my support and admiration to our legitimate president Carles Puigdemont, now exiliate in Belgium. I will vote him, and his team, in the next European elections on 26 May 2019. The legitimate president Carles Puigdemont won once again the Catalan elections on 21 December 2017. Following dictatorial positions, he was not allowed to become again our president.

Every Monday afternoon there are different activities in support to people in jail or exiliated. For a larger explanation of the reason why we are on this political situation here you can find my point of view.  

Will have a new president of Catalonia, the 131th, in the person of Joaquim Torra i Pla by mid May 2018.  I'll give all support to him.                                       

 Last modification: April 2018